Writober Post 10032020

It's that dreadful time of the year again. Same rules, hopefully I write something better.

I've actually been writing some but not nearly as much as I used to. I have been more reluctant to put it on this website though, but maybe I...

Tvb Drama

Photo by Jair Lázaro on Unsplash.

*So I got into TVB dramas during the quarantine. This is a kind of tribute to it. I also included some Chinese when I felt it is better expressed in that language. Pardon any broken Cantonese, this...


Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Command received: go home. "Crap. Where is home. Twenty percent charge left. Forward. Forward. Arch to the right, stop. Turn. Turn. Turn. Forward.”


A Failed Careerist

Photo by Braden Hopkins on Unsplash

“I feel you had a glow up”
“Well, I hope I moved up"
Trying to get a leg up
Now I’m starting to speak out
Let me get a breathe-out
Before I start to tweak out

Never get...

Here I Am

so here i am, just a man, with a whole life behind him

and what i find, with a lot of time, is that we are surrounded

by what we reap, and who we keep, and what fortune has provided

so do what needs...

A Bear Costume With Class

The dumb yuppie stood near the doors of the subway car. He wore a brown bear costume, fluffy with big ears colored bright red on the inside.

The man wearing it had just come from a friend’s boozy Halloween party, and regularly needed to...

A Soda Spill In Three Parts

Clumsiness on the part of a blonde chubby-faced young woman: she dropped her White Castle soft drink onto the ground. It landed lid down, and it was only when she lifted it up that the drink started spilling all over the subway car floor...

A Perfect Man

He caught her eye

“Handsome face. Well-dressed. A muscular frame. Tall, for an Asian. He could ride me all night long!

Anna surveyed the new strap hanger who had come aboard her train car.

He left the train. “That’s a shame,” she...

Writober Post 10122019

So I'm going to try and do a #Writober challenge. Which is write 10 new posts during October. I also might borrow some of the writing prompts from the actual Writober challenge, but damn 30 stories is too time-consuming. Short, like really short, posts...

Halloween 2019

Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash.

Just playing with more horror-esque writing. Part of Writober 2019.