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A Bear Costume With Class

The dumb yuppie stood near the doors of the subway car. He wore a brown bear costume, fluffy with big ears colored bright red on the inside.

The man wearing it had just come from a friend’s boozy Halloween party, and regularly needed to...

A Perfect Man

He caught her eye

“Handsome face. Well-dressed. A muscular frame. Tall, for an Asian. He could ride me all night long!

Anna surveyed the new strap hanger who had come aboard her train car.

He left the train. “That’s a shame,” she...

Transgender Life

“To get where I am I only depended upon me. Me! That’s it. I know a lot of other hussies, they squished their breasts, they batted their eyelashes, they slept with the boss. Not me. I never sucked no dick to get where I am...

A Crowded Room Thats Empty

A dentist room with 30 people. 40 colorful plastic chairs laid out across the reception room like the walls on a Pac-Man maze. Where the ghosts were normally jailed was a stubborn, elderly woman who was just receiving a new customer.

“Kennifer Wissaedeon.”...


She decided to try a different approach.

"Have you heard of Russian nesting dolls before," Hillary asked.

"Yeah, sure. Those weird wood things that have faces and weird" -- he pronounced it 'werd' -- " colors painted on them."

"Yes, yes exactly...