A Bear Costume With Class

The dumb yuppie stood near the doors of the subway car. He wore a brown bear costume, fluffy with big ears colored bright red on the inside.

The man wearing it had just come from a friend’s boozy Halloween party, and regularly needed to catch onto the nearby pole before tipping over, all to let go and try standing unsupported again. Seated on the opposite bright blue bench was a tired woman, chaperoning her three young children. At the same time making sure they weren't being too disruptive to other passengers, her eyes glazed over with lack of sleep.

The dumb yuppie caught her eye, and they shared a meaningful glance. Him, dressed in a full brown bear costume, smelling of gin. He pulled what looked like a black neck collar. All of a sudden it stretched into a frightening brown bear face. He pulled down the polyester 3D-print face mask. They shared a laugh and he got off at the stop.