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A Soda Spill In Three Parts

Clumsiness on the part of a blonde chubby-faced young woman: she dropped her White Castle soft drink onto the ground. It landed lid down, and it was only when she lifted it up that the drink started spilling all over the subway car floor...

A Bear Costume With Class

The dumb yuppie stood near the doors of the subway car. He wore a brown bear costume, fluffy with big ears colored bright red on the inside.

The man wearing it had just come from a friend’s boozy Halloween party, and regularly needed to...

A Perfect Man

He caught her eye

“Handsome face. Well-dressed. A muscular frame. Tall, for an Asian. He could ride me all night long!

Anna surveyed the new strap hanger who had come aboard her train car.

He left the train. “That’s a shame,” she...

Subway Blackout

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash.

“Ahhh! Praise the lord, sweet baby Jesus, and mother Mary.”

The train was about half full in Grand street. Monica had been walking in her black 1-inch pumps for the last 30 minutes and was beyond...