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A Bear Costume With Class

The dumb yuppie stood near the doors of the subway car. He wore a brown bear costume, fluffy with big ears colored bright red on the inside.

The man wearing it had just come from a friend’s boozy Halloween party, and regularly needed to...

A Soda Spill In Three Parts

Clumsiness on the part of a blonde chubby-faced young woman: she dropped her White Castle soft drink onto the ground. It landed lid down, and it was only when she lifted it up that the drink started spilling all over the subway car floor...

A Perfect Man

He caught her eye

“Handsome face. Well-dressed. A muscular frame. Tall, for an Asian. He could ride me all night long!

Anna surveyed the new strap hanger who had come aboard her train car.

He left the train. “That’s a shame,” she...

Halloween 2019

Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash.

Just playing with more horror-esque writing. Part of Writober 2019.

I Used To Be Seventeen

This is an unfinished draft. Another story I started for writober, but actually really like so I want to give it more time to fully flesh out.

”Floating above the streets of my childhood. That community garden I had went to as a...

Equilibrium Of An Ecosystem

All organisms in an ecosystem serve a purpose. Predators and prey. Symbiotic relationships. Ensuring that every member of the system is fed, has their population checked, and the balance protected.

Bedbugs exist to check the ego of humanity. Either god doesn’t exist, god does exist...

Transgender Life

“To get where I am I only depended upon me. Me! That’s it. I know a lot of other hussies, they squished their breasts, they batted their eyelashes, they slept with the boss. Not me. I never sucked no dick to get where I am...

Cant Sleep

I started this for Writober, but kinda want to take my time with it. So here's an unfinished draft of it.

“I can’t sleep tonight. Or more accurately I won’t sleep tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to commit a murder.”

A novel that...

Bathroom Encounter

Photo by Jahongir Ismoilov on Unsplash

“Is it possible to get this report in a not retarded way?”

“There it is, ladies and gentlemn. We’re in a professional setting you jackass...”

“You’re talking professional? This says ‘looking at the last three quarter...