Cant Sleep

I started this for Writober, but kinda want to take my time with it. So here's an unfinished draft of it.

“I can’t sleep tonight. Or more accurately I won’t sleep tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to commit a murder.”

A novel that was meant to be written, but really was barely started, started this sequence of bizarre events.

“Hey, not much. Just about to sleep,” his phone displayed. “Oh really? Are you feeling lonely?” he replied back. “A little?” “Well I can come over ;)”

Christian waited eagerly on his phone. He started watching some late night tv in the shared living room: an ad for a linens vacuum, one advertising soft core pornography, another clamps for frying pans.

He could hear a song playing from his roommate's door. Pressing his ear against it, with careful and intent observation, he could hear his roommate lip-syncing the glam-pop grr-rock song. "Say what you wanna, say how you wish I could feel like the others, another lover that you had before". In the privacy of his room, his roommate was indeed dancing like a mad man, pantomiming putting on lipstick, all to the beat of that song. Shrugging it off, Christian went back to the sofa and waited for a response. But she didn’t respond and he fell asleep.

A bit grumpy from the night before, he rolled out of bed. It took a beautiful Saturday morning to brighten his mood and forget all about Mindy. There’d be other women, maybe he’ll try again sometime this week. He took his car out from the backyard and rolled it out. "Where to go?"

“Hey there, sweet thing. Where you going, huh? You need a ride?” He said out loud to himself as he passed a cute 19-year-old blonde woman standing on the street. “Imagine being such a person,” he said, double checking that all his windows were rolled up. He turned on his cars AC. “I can’t imagine why people would catcall, is it actually effective?” But something tickled his curiosity(!). “Haha would I do it if it were possible to meet women that way?

Hey there, you sexy young hoochi mama. Whatsup, where you going mami? You need a ride?

I wonder what the reply rate would be like. I could chart it.

Oh jeez, what am I saying. I really am a piece of trash,” he said lightheartedly to himself.

He jerked the car to the right, almost missing the exit. In between the two highways that criss-crossed B., 3.2 square miles formed a triangle of woodlands that Christian enjoyed strolling through while smoking a single cigarette.

He felt fully free while strolling through the pleasant asphalt walkway and taking conservative puffs off his cigarette. He hummed a tune at first before breaking fully into song. "Say what you wanna, say how you wish i could feel like the others, another lover that you had before..." He had Googled the song his roommate was rocking to last night, and now it was stuck in his head! At least no one was around to hear it.

He wandered down the gravel road and back. He took a rest on a park bench and pulled a notebook out.