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Tvb Drama

Photo by Jair Lázaro on Unsplash.

*So I got into TVB dramas during the quarantine. This is a kind of tribute to it. I also included some Chinese when I felt it is better expressed in that language. Pardon any broken Cantonese, this...

A Failed Careerist

Photo by Braden Hopkins on Unsplash

“I feel you had a glow up”
“Well, I hope I moved up"
Trying to get a leg up
Now I’m starting to speak out
Let me get a breathe-out
Before I start to tweak out

Never get...

Bathroom Encounter

Photo by Jahongir Ismoilov on Unsplash

“Is it possible to get this report in a not retarded way?”

“There it is, ladies and gentlemn. We’re in a professional setting you jackass...”

“You’re talking professional? This says ‘looking at the last three quarter...