A Failed Careerist

A Failed Careerist

Photo by Braden Hopkins on Unsplash

“I feel you had a glow up”
“Well, I hope I moved up"
Trying to get a leg up
Now I’m starting to speak out
Let me get a breathe-out
Before I start to tweak out

Never get to sleep in
Looking dumb in this meetin’
Better get a peep in
Career predators, I see him
All gossip, lies, and cheatin'

Now I have to seat him
“How are you doing this evenin’"
This running around will do my feet in.
While these fucks drink and eatin'
“Lets start you off with some drinks then”

Pay to get a peaking
Life's plenty dark, even for a sweet thing
Even for a pretty face
Uniform: lingerie and lace
Better chill and learn to behave
Before you're tossed in haste

Life passes you by
‘Fore you realize you die
Did you get a piece of the pie
That’s all that matters. Not truths, not lies.