Future Drinking

Future Drinking

The year is 2105.

Jaydon-3000 reached for a cold FuTUre//Brew on the table in front of him. Almost like magic the label lit up where his hands touched. He put down the bottle, with his lit up palm imprint slowly fading away.

"How cool is that", he asked.

Diane grabbed the bottle by the neck and before the palm print fully faded away, drew a smiley face on the label, which lit up green as the tip of her finger passed. Her smiley face self-animated, showed a toothy grin, before also disappearing.

D-TECH1900, Jaydon-3000 and a few other friends lazily lounged around and laughed as they drew hearts, dick shapes, and curse words on the label.

The friends had just come back from a neon rave party. The venue's big draw was its pseudo-holographic stage. If you stood in the right place, a fearsome werewolf appeared on stage dancing to the beat. Later life-like Marilyn Monroe came to life iconically pushed down on her dress as a non-existent breeze swept by. Plus, the base speakers were great and could deliver the low mids that most other venues couldn't match. What more could you ask for?

The group had hustled back and forth between the dance area, the bar, and the outside patio, where smokers and people looking for a quieter place sat and conversed.

"This is taking forever," said Danica-TECH1900 as she waited for a drink. The bartender was swamped with other patrons.

D-TECH1900 was pretty gone by this point, and his friends kept in the back of their mind that they couldn’t get too drunk tonight or else none of them were getting home.

The night progressed smoothly onward.